Why I ride a Brompton folding bike

This is Practical Biking, not Practical Folding Biking, so I’ve resisted the temptation to ramble on about my delightfully practical Brompton folding bike, but Velouria over at Lovely Bicycle wrote an homage to the Brompton a while back, and she’d only taken a quick jaunt. (More recently, she gave a Brompton a two-day test […]

Installing a Down Low Glow on a Brompton

One of the Bromptonauts on the BromptonTalk group at Yahoo was asking whether you can install a Down Low Glow on a Brompton. I reported that I’d installed one and that I’d had a great experience riding with it. Cars give me a wider berth than before I installed the DLG, and passersby, including car […]