Installing a Down Low Glow on a Brompton

One of the Bromptonauts on the BromptonTalk group at Yahoo was asking whether you can install a Down Low Glow on a Brompton. I reported that I’d installed one and that I’d had a great experience riding with it. Cars give me a wider berth than before I installed the DLG, and passersby, including car drivers, regularly comment that my bike looks like a Christmas tree. If it keeps someone from running me over, I’m fine with that.

Another of the Bromptonauts asked for pictures, and I decided to post them here rather than on Yahoo so you can find them with an Internet search. (Information posted in Yahoo groups can only be searched within Yahoo, and BromptonTalk is only accessible to group members. Membership is free and open to everyone, but you have to know it exists.)

Here’s the Down Low Glow on a folded Brompton in my driveway.

Folded Brompton with a two-tube Down Low Glow in the dark

The Down Low Glow comes in one- and two-tube versions. On a bike that doesn’t fold, you can install the one-tube model on the down tube, but that won’t work on the Brompton because, when the Brompton is folded, there isn’t enough room for the neon tube between the main tube and the rear tire. However, if you install the tubes of a two-tube DLG on either side of the main tube, you can fold the bike without interference.

Partially folded Brompton with a two-tube Down Low Glow

Partially folded Brompton with a two-tube Down Low Glow, closeup

The battery tucks in nicely behind the seat post. The little box in the triangle to the left of the seat post splits power from the battery between the two tubes. A switch is available, but I didn’t bother getting it, so I have to unplug the cable; the two cable ends are partially visible behind the nearer DLG tube. (Most of the Velcro was included with the DLG.)

The battery straps to the seat tube.

Here’s the rear view.

Rear view of the battery attached to the seat tube

The tubes of the DLG are half-silvered, so you aren’t blinded by the light. If you orient the DLG tubes so you have about a four- to six-foot radius of light, the light is visible from the side, too, even when streetlights wash out the glow on the street.

Side view in the dark

Front view in the dark

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